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Les Berlingots ASP ©/

Introducing Les Berlingots, a traditional French sweet that I loved as a child, and namesake of my signature dish.

I was inspired to create a ravioli-style pasta in the distinct Berlingots shape when contemplating a pasta flavoured with matcha green tea.

Les Berlingots is a versatile pasta dish – the innovative shape ensures a good balance between the quantity of the pasta and its filling, resulting in a velvety and very gourmet filling. It can be paired with many different flavour profiles, depending on the seasonality of local ingredients, as well as my own inspiration.


Les Berlingots ASP ©
Pasta Parcels Filled with St Cera
Wild Mushrooms
Pineapple Weed and Bergamot


Wild Seabass and Caviar 1971/

Seabass Caviar is an iconic family recipe, first created by my father Jacques Pic in 1971, I reimagined the dish with sake, lie de sake and rose, this decadent and mythical dish is one of my father’s favourite dishes.

This dish is available at supplement of £50 per person on the lunch menu, £25 per person on the Voyage menu.


Wild Seabass and Caviar 1971
“The way my father loved it,” Jacques Pic’s signature since 1971

White Millefeuille/

I set out to create a monochromatic dish that was elegant in both its taste and appearance, which is how the White Millefeuille was born. White is my favourite colour and as a dish, I felt the shape and colour perfectly embodied my culinary style – sleek and simplistic with delicate flavours. At the same time, the dish is playful in its simplicity – its white colour and bold shape do not give away its flavour, making for an interesting discovery experience for guests.


White Millefeuille
Tahitian Vanilla
Jasmine Jelly
Voatsiperifery Pepper Cloud

Anne-Sophie PicChef Executive and Restaurateur