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This winter, we’re delighted to bring a unique signature dish by Anne-Sophie Pic, ‘The Coconut’, to our menu. First served in the three Michelin-starred Maison Pic and then made famous on French TV show, Top Chef, Anne-Sophie has transported her dish across the channel, to be available at La Dame de Pic London for a limited time only.

Inspired by a trip to Mauritius, ‘The Coconut’ embraces the transformation the tree fruit goes through during its different stages of maturity. When young and fresh, the pulp takes the form of coconut water, yet once matured, forms a dense flesh with a bright white colour. The famed dish focuses on the middle of these two stages and features a hand-shelled coconut, meticulously carved to ensure the white pulp remains perfectly smooth on the outside and filled with its natural coconut water. The coconut is then carefully opened and a hand-dived Scottish scallop is placed inside, along with freshly shaved white Alba truffle. Once sealed again, the scallop is steamed using the inner coconut water and infused by the truffle.

The steaming technique used is called ‘imprégnation’, a form of culinary art that creates metamorphosis by deeply blending ingredients to reveal a rich new flavour. In this case, the coconut water wraps the scallop in its aroma, the iodine in the scallops then nourishes the water and allows a very subtle exchange of flavour.

‘The Coconut’ will be priced at £118 and available from 17th November until the end of the white truffle season. Orders must be placed in advance due to limited availability.